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10 Of My Favourite Crochet Instagram Accounts

As far as social media goes, I would have to say that Instagram is my favourite.

I recently started my new crochet-only account: @creating_time and I’m blown away by the kind, supportive people you find in Instagram communities.

So, this is a shout-out to some of the awesome crochet accounts I follow, in no particular order. These accounts are managed by wickedly creative, lovely and genuine people who have all kindly given me permission to feature their accounts and beautiful photography.


Now, without further ado, check out the wonderful Instagram accounts below:

#1 @thelittlebeenz

Summer Holiday Wreath (C) 2017 the little bee

Alia from @thelittlebeenz is an amazing crocheter who loves everything colourful. As a fellow kiwi, I was super pleased to find someone so talented from my homeland.

I love seeing the different ideas she comes up with, particularly when they’re inspired by traditional south pacific art.

You can check her out on Instagram, and also visit her website for a load of free patterns.

P.S. She lives in a yurt! I don’t think she could be more awesome if she tried!

#2 @storyland_amis

Zippy the Sloth (C) 2017 Storyland Amis

Holly from @storyland_amis is an incredibly talented amigurumi designer whose gorgeous little characters have loads of personality. She designs a lot of bite-sized cuties, but also a few cuddle-sized and even jumbo-sized plushies.

My favourite thing about her account is when she posts pictures of the hi-jinks her plush-kids get up to. Like Zippy the Sloth trying to sell soda, or Winston the Bear, Zippy the Sloth and Koko the Koala hitching a ride on Mr. Dog’s back.

I’m not doing the pictures any justice by describing them! So you should head along to her Instagram account to see for yourself. She also sells her patterns on her Etsy store.

#3 @crochetbetweenworlds

The Peacock Double Spiral Afghan (C) 2017 Crochet Between Worlds

Michelle lives in Australia, and Anne lives in Germany. Despite that they are best friends and run their Instagram account @crochetbetweenworlds, and their blog of the same name, together.

I think their friendship is incredibly sweet. It’s hard enough making time to stay in touch with people who live nearby, let alone the ones living on the opposite of the world! Their friendship is an inspiration to me, as I also live so far away from many of my friends and family. But if Michelle and Anne can stay in touch, anyone can, right?

But the other reason I follow this account, is to see the quirky adventures of Captain Poprocks. He’s a hippo who seems to have a better social life than I do! I suppose it doesn’t help that he’s adorable!

You can check out Michelle and Anne’s work on Instagram, and on their blog.

#4 @crazychickscorner

The Bluebird Wreath (C) 2017 Crazy Chick Crochet

I wish I could be as fabulous as Meg from @crazychickscorner. The reason I started to follow her was for her pom-poms, and her ever-so-cute pup, Chewbacca. That dog is seriously cute, his ears are so long and pointy, he looks like a bunny!

Before I started following her account, I didn’t realise how many cool and fun ideas you can come up with using pom-poms. Now I’m desperate to create my own pom-pom wreaths, and her pom-pom rug looks like the cosiest thing I’ve ever seen. In fact, I want to make one for the end of our bed for my pup to curl up and sleep on (spoilt pup alert!).

So if you love to see creative pom-pom ideas, and a cute dog picture thrown in every now and again (and who doesn’t?), check her out on Instagram. You can also visit her Etsy store.

#5 @whatkatiemade_

(C) 2017 Katie Gadsby

Isn’t it cool when you come across someone who has the same name as you? Especially if you have the same interests!

I came across Katie’s Instagram account when I was looking for inspiration for my Sophie’s Universe project. I absolutely love the colour scheme she is using for her Sophie. She has a real knack for pretty colour combinations and I’m always excited to see what she’s working on. Even the starburst blanket she made out of scrap yarn is really beautiful!

Like myself, Katie is relatively new to the crochet community, so head along to her Instagram account to check her out.

#6 @juttacreates

Shells Blanket (C) 2017 Jutta Creates

Pretty pretty pretty. That’s what I think to myself whenever scrolling through Jutta’s account. Don’t be fooled by the name, it isn’t only about knitting. In fact, I think we’re slowly converting her to the hook side.

In this photo, you can see Jutta working on a crochet blanket, whilst also wearing a pair of crochet shorts she made for herself. See! It is a crochet account.

Jutta is another newbie who only started her Instagram account a few months ago and she always has lovely words of support for other crafters.

You can scroll through her Instagram to see for yourself.

#7 @mandasknottycrochet

Texas Blue Bonnet Hook (C) 2017 Manda’s Knotty Crochet

This account is a little bit different because it doesn’t feature crochet art per se. But no one can deny that these intricate and unique crochet hooks are definitely works of art.

There seems to be no limit to Manda’s creativity. I’ve seen her hooks with Star Wars, Orange is the New Black and Harry Potter (hello sweet Hedwig!) themes, and they are all amazing. I’ll be buying myself one some day soon, once I’ve decided which one I want!

You can check her out on Instagram, and at her Etsy store.

#8 @pimentayflor

(c) 2017 Pimentayflor

The amigurumi characters Sónia from Pimentayflor creates are almost teeth achingly sweet.

One of the things that makes her own designs unique is that she hand-stitches the eyes  instead of using safety eyes. Not only does this look adorable, less plastic is good for everyone, right?

Her creations often feature soft, neutral colours that would be perfect for baby gifts. I can just imagine a little girl or boy treasuring this sleepy bunny. She also makes dream-catchers to match her soft toys, which I think is a lovely idea for a baby gift.

For more inspiration, you can head along to her Instagram, or her Etsy store.

#9 @crochetbyredagape

Simply Chunky Paintbox Cushion (c) Crochet by RedAgape

Mandy from @crochetbyredagape has some of the best photography I’ve seen on Instagram. The detail and composition of her photos, along with her colour choices are really amazing.

When I scroll through her account, I feel like the little girl from the Minions: “It’s so fluffy pretty I wanna die!”.

It’s possible her photos are so gorgeous because she painstakingly sets up each shot. But I prefer to think of her living in a state of perpetual adorableness (yes it’s a word, I googled it). I mean, who doesn’t drink a cup of tea with pretty crocheted flowers arranged around it?

Well, I don’t… but I’ve never been a particularly tidy person anyway.

Anyway, I love following her account because I’m filled with admiration and not-a-little envy at her beautiful projects and shots.

If you don’t follow Mandy already, you really should. She also has a blog where she offers a whole lot of unbelievably cute free patterns.

#10 @craftastherapy

(c) 2017 Craft as Therapy

The Craft as Therapy account isn’t run by just one person, nor does it feature just one type of project. Instead it’s moderated by someone new every week, and features a mix of projects from people in the crochet community. The account was started by Mandy from @crochetbyredagape

By using the general hashtag #craftastherapy, or the more specific hashtags they come up with (like craftastherapy_spring), you can potentially have your own creations re-posted on their Instagram account.

Following the Craft as Therapy account is a lovely way to keep up-to-date with fun projects, and be inspired by others’ work. It’s also a great way to meet other fellow crocheters. They also have a Facebook page.

This is the end… or is it?

There are so many more crochet Instagram accounts I would have loved to have included in this post. Including but not limited to @barbertondaisy, @pottspurls, @thecrochetproject, @amigurumipatterns, @the.hook.nook, @ella_makes, and @spincushions.

To make up for this, maybe there will be a part 2!

Till then, I hope you’ve discovered a few more inspiring Instagram crochet accounts to follow.

Ciao for now!


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