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10 Great Free Patterns To Justify Buying Some Scheepjes Whirl

I’ve been eyeing up the beautiful colourways of Scheepjes Whirl for some time now. The lovely gradient change from darker to lighter colours and back again has been tempting me to add some cakes to my already large yarn stash, without any project in mind. But I’ve been very disciplined and have set myself a rule that I can only buy some Scheepjes Whirl IF I find a cool project to make with it first.

Once I started looking, I found so many wonderful patterns that now I’m spoilt for choice!

I thought there might be some others in the same boat, so if you’re trying to find a project to justify a Scheepjes Whirl purchase, here are some ideas!

*Note* although I refer to Scheepjes Whirl throughout this post, any of these patterns could be made with other gradient yarns, as long as they are 4-ply. I’m not sponsored by Scheepjes in any way to write this post, I just thought I would share my own research in case it’s useful to anyone else!

#1 Lost in Time Shawl – Mijo Crochet

Lost in Time Shawl (C) Mijo Crochet, Image (C) Lisa Cook @lisasattik

This is one of the most popular patterns on Instagram right now, and for good reason! Although you can use other types of yarn for this project, it looks especially stunning in Scheepjes Whirl. This particular shawl was made by @lisasattik in Blueberry Bambam. Check out the pattern here. You can also use the #lostintimeshawl hashtag on Instagram to see beautiful shawls from other makers.

#2 Candy Shawl – Jellina Creations

candy shawl
Candy Shawl (C) Jellina Creations

This is a fun, colourful shawl pattern that makes the most of some of the brighter colourways in the Scheepjes Whirl selection. Using the colourway Cotton Candy Man, it’s a relatively easy pattern and would be quite quick to work up. You can find the pattern here. The pattern on the blog is in Dutch, but there’s also a link to an English PDF pattern. If you prefer one of the more muted colourways, you can get some inspiration from the Instagram hashtag #jellinacreations.

#3 Whirl Mandala Cardigan – Lilla Björn Crochet

whirl mandala cardigan
Whirl Mandala Cardigan (C) Lilla Björn Crochet

Now for a change of pace, this beautiful sleeveless cardigan from Lilla Björn Crochet is creative and stylish. Because the pattern is understated, you could make it as fun and colourful, or as sleek and neutral as you like. The colourway shown here is Liquorice Yumyum. One of the things I love about it, is that the shape of the cardigan mimics the shape of the Sheepjes Whirl cake, so you can get a really great sense of what the finished cardigan will look like, just by looking at the cake. You can find the lovely and easy pattern here, and check out the hashtag #whirlmandalacardigan for more inspiration.

*Update* Tatsiana is now working on a new Whirl pattern, and this one looks just as amazing as the cardigan. It’s a pattern for a summer dress, check it out here.

#4 My Precious Shawl – ByMimzan

My Precious Shawl (C) ByMimzan

Using the colourway Pistachio Oh So Nice, this is a lovely simple shawl with beautiful detailing around the neck, on the back and border. This would be a beautiful shawl for cooler summer evenings and could easily be dressed up or down. I particularly love the neck of this shawl as it gives it a sleeker, more tailored look than many crochet shawls. You can get the pattern here, and find other ideas for colourways on the hashtag #mypreciousshawl.

#5 Edlothia – Morben Design

Edlothia (C) Morben Design, Image (C) @stephanienammert

This is yet another stunning shawl (aren’t we just spoilt for choice?) by Jasmine at Morben Design. Though it’s not written for Scheepjes Whirl specifically, it looks beautiful in Green Tea Tipple by @stephanienammert. This light, lacy shawl is one of the more complex patterns in the list, but look how pretty it is! Definitely worth the effort I would say. You can find the pattern here, and check out the hashtag #edlothia to see more pretty creations.

#6 Bridal Shawl – Kimberley K. McAlindin

Bridal Shawl (C) Kimberley K. McAlindin

This decorative shawl is simply beautiful. Even though it’s a “bridal shawl” and the pattern states to make it in white, there’s no need! The pattern uses the same weight yarn as Scheepjes Whirl, and I think it would look amazing in Lavenderlicious. You can find the pattern on the Red Heart website here.

#7 Springtime Magic Mandala – Hverdagsmagi

Springtime Magic Madala (C) Hverdagsmagi

This lovely mandala pattern is also made in fingering yarn and I think it would look simply delicious in Melting Macaron. The finished pattern makes a 33cm mandala, so there would be quite a lot of yarn left over if you wanted to create a few of them for a blanket, or if you need to use up the leftover yarn from a cake of Whirl. You can find the pattern here.

#8 Amorous – Katja Löffler

Amorous (C) Katja Löffler

This is another triangle shawl to add to your repertoire. Available in English, German and Swedish, this free pattern is made using the gradient yarn from Wolltraum. The concept is pretty similar to Scheepjes Whirl and it would look wonderful in either yarns! If you can’t find Wolltraum yarn cakes and you want to make the shawl in a similar colour, the best option would be Caramel Core Blimey. You can find the pattern on Ravelry here. And you can see more of Katja’s Wolltraum projects on Instagram here.

#9 The Carnation – Petra Škorjanc

The Carnation (C) Petra Škorjanc

I love this light summery wrap from Petra. There is enough detail to make it interesting, while still being a pretty simple and quick pattern to whip up. It would look stunning in Strawberries and Scream or Slice ‘O’ Cherry Pie. You can find the pattern on Ravelry here.

#10 Caramel Whirl Blanket – Felted Button

Caramel Whirl Blanket (C) Felted Button

Susan’s Whirl pattern has now been released! It’s a lovely, neutral-toned blanket using Caramel Cor Blimey. It looks like a lovely easy to make pattern with enough complexity to keep it interesting. Thank you Susan! Get the pattern here.

Bonus pattern! Hotel of Bees Shawl – A Spoonful of Yarn

Hotel of Bees Shawl (C) Christina Hadderingh

This isn’t a free pattern, but it would work-up beautifully with a cake of Scheepjes Whirl.

There’s a crochet-along that’s happening at the moment using Christina’s lovely pattern. It ends on May 31st. So if you want to jump on the #HOBCAL bandwagon with some Scheepjes Whirl, get the pattern and join in!

Whew, that was some round-up! Now we all have the challenge of actually selecting a pattern to make! I would love to see what you end up making, so tag me on Instgram @creating_time.


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    1. I feel ya! It is pricey but you do get quite a lot of yarn out of it (1000m or something ridiculous). You should shop around because there are so many different brands popping up, and some of them aren’t quite as expensive. I think I’m going to splurge and get the Scheepjes though! I just love the colours.

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