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Free Summer Crochet Patterns to get the Season Started Right! Part 1: Bikini Tops

For the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing collections of free summer crochet patterns to help you prepare for the beginning of summer.

I LOVE summer. It’s my favourite season, and I’m always so excited to go for my first swim in the lake or sea. For me THAT’s the beginning of summer.

This week the collection is for crochet bikini tops. I’ve been dying to make my own bikini top! But I’m not the type to just sunbathe on the beach in summer, I have to get in the water too. Because of that, I was always worried about how the bikini top would hold-up in the water. So I did a lot of googling, and I have a few tips for making your own bikini top that’s water-friendly:

  • Use mercerised-cotton (if you can find it): apparently this cotton has a tiny bit of stretch to make it comfortable, but is still stable enough to be used it the water.
  • Use lighter coloured yarns with caution. Some lighter coloured yarns (particularly the lighter-weight ones) will go see-through in the water.
  • If the cups of the bikini are looking too holy, use a smaller hook. The stitches will stretch in the water, so make the stitches extra tight now to avoid any surprises!
  • Try out your bikini in the shower first. This way you can see if it gets too heavy or stretches too much in the water.
  • If your bikini top won’t work in the water, consider making it longer and turning it into a summery top

Kelley from Oceans Originals (a bit of a beachwear guru) also has a few tips to help you get the most out of your crochet bikini:

  • If you’re making the piece for someone else, or you want a stretchier fit, you can use elasticised cotton. Just make the stitches extra tight to compensate for the stretch.
  • Using dark colours means the top is less likely to fade
  • If you go swimming in your top, rinse it in cold water and press it between a towel to absorb some moisture afterwards
  • Don’t wring your top dry as it will cause it to stretch and lose shape
  • You should hand wash your top with a mild detergent (don’t machine wash). Lay flat to dry on something that allows air circulation.

Now that’s out of the way, enjoy this collection of free summer crochet bikini patterns!

#1 Aquata Bikini Top – Oceans Originals

Aquata Bikini Top (C) 2017 Oceans Originals

Look at how gorgeous this colourful bikini top is! This bikini from Kelley at Oceans Originals just screams summer. It would be perfect for a day at the beach, or even a summer music festival. Kelley recommends using Aunt Lydia’s mercerised 2-ply cotton thread (size 3) and a size 3.25mm (size D) crochet hook. Kelley has made this top in size M, but has recommendations for size S and L too.

Check out the pattern here.

#2 Diamond Mesh Crop Top – Bodhi Life Creations

Diamond Mesh Crop Top (C) 2017 Bodhi Life Creations

I think this top from Taylor at Bodhi Life Creations is absolutely beautiful. It would be quick to work up as it uses bulky yarn (Bernat Home Dec) with a 6mm (size J) hook. However, because of it’s weight I would think this is more a top to show-off in than to go swimming in. I could imagine how much water that bulky yarn would soak up! You could even make the top longer for every day use. The pattern is for size S, but you could easily size up by adding more length to your starting chain and measuring as you go.

Get the pattern here.

#3 Scalloped Tube Top – Lakshmi Ravi Narayan

Scalloped Tube Top (C) 2017 Lakshmi Ravi Narayan

This lovely tube top is made in a sport-weight (5-ply) yarn with a 3.5mm (size E) hook. Lakshmi has used acrylic yarn to make it for a stretchy fit. But if you want to venture into the water with it, I would recommend using a mercerised cotton yarn instead. Just try it on as you go to make sure the fit is comfortable as it won’t have much stretch. The pattern is a chart (if you don’t know how, you can learn how to read charts here) and it comes in size S. But this is a fairly easy pattern, so with a bit of trying-on you’d easily be able to size it up.

Download the pattern here.

#4 Sea Mist Bikini Top – Oceans Originals

Sea Mist Bikini Top (C) 2017 Oceans Originals

This triangle-shaped bikini top from Oceans Originals is lovely and summery. It’s a nice, classic shape with enough detail to keep it interesting. I love the colours shown here, but if you want to go swimming, I would probably caution you to stay away from the white. Again, Kelley recommends using Aunt Lydia’s mercerised 2-ply cotton thread (size 3) and a 3.25mm (size D) crochet hook. She has made this top in size M, but has recommendations for size S and L too. Kelley has a lot of cool bikini patterns on her blog, so go check it out!

Get the pattern here.

#5 Zilker Park Bralette – Nosse Ovienmhada

Zilker Park Bralette (C) 2017 Nosse Ovienmhada

This lovely pattern follows a basic cup design first so you can customise the size to your bust. Based on that, you then add the details and scallops. Nosse has made this bralette with a size 4 and 3.5mm hook (G and E sizes) in cotton worsted weight yarn. I again wouldn’t necessarily recommend the bulkier yarns for swimming. But as long as you follow the measurements and make sure your cup size is right, you could definitely make this in a lighter weight yarn.

Get the pattern here.

#6 Summer Breeze Halter Top – Jinty Lyons

summer breeze
Summer Breeze Halter Top (C) 2017 Jinty Lyons

This fun and flirty bikini top would look perfect on the beach. It’s made using DK yarn and a 4mm (size G) hook. If you will be adjusting as you go and would like to swim in the top, I would recommend using a smaller hook and mercerised cotton DK yarn.

Check out the pattern here.

I hope you get the chance to check out these wonderful patterns. Crochet swimwear is starting to take-off now, and I look forward to seeing more fantastic patterns coming out soon!

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Until then…



6 thoughts on “Free Summer Crochet Patterns to get the Season Started Right! Part 1: Bikini Tops

  1. This post is great Katie. I really love how you expose other crocheters. You are definitely a #girlboss. I’m gonna try to do these. The scalloped tube top in particular is gorgeous.

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