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Free Summer Crochet Patterns to get the Season Started Right! Part 3: Beach Cover-Ups

For the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing collections of free summer crochet patterns to help you prepare for the beginning of summer.

This week the collection is for crochet beach cover-ups. I’ve been including tips in each post in this series to help you find the right yarn for your project. This one, however, is pretty self-explanatory!

  • Cotton yarn is perfect for beach cover-ups because it is light and durable
  • A linen blend is also very strong and light, so would be another good choice
  • I personally wouldn’t choose acrylic or wool for this as you’ll simply be too warm!
  • If the pattern is working up a bit dense and isn’t gauge-specific, size up a hook to give you an airier fabric

I know I’ve been harping on about cotton yarn, but it really is the best option for summer garments and accessories. I hope these tips are helpful, and enjoy the lovely free patterns I found for summer crochet beach cover-ups!

#1 Ice Cream Kimono – Bodhi Life Creations

Ice Cream Kimono (C) 2017 Bodhi Life Creations

Taylor has created another cracking design with her Ice Cream Kimono. As soon as she started posting photos of her work on Instagram, I knew this pattern would be perfect for this list! The wide sleeves mean the cover-up isn’t going to cling to your skin if you’re wet (with water, or well ya know… sweat) and the waist tie holds the whole thing together for a bit of modesty if you’re going into a store for an ice cream (see what I did there? 🙂 ).

Pattern info: 5mm (size H) hook, 568g DK (light, 3) yarn, US English, one size

Check out the pattern here.

#2 Light’s Embrace Poncho – Drops Designs

Light’s Embrace Poncho (C) 2017 Drops Designs

This lovely light and airy poncho from Drops would make an excellent beach cover-up. Another plus is that it’s so pretty you could wear it almost anywhere to jazz up an outfit.

Pattern info: 4.5mm (size 7) hook, 700g – 900g aran (worsted weight, 10 ply) yarn, British English, multiple sizes

Get the pattern here.

#3 Celtic Knot Shawl –


Sure, sure, this popular shawl may not have been designed as a beach cover-up… but it would sure make a lovely one! It’s so light and airy, and the Celtic knot design is just beautiful.

Pattern info: 5.5 mm (size I) hook, 510g aran (worsted weight, 10 ply, 4) yarn, US English, one size

Find the pattern here.

#4 Crochet Beach Cover Up Pattern – Beautiful Crochet Stuff

Crochet Beach Cover Up Pattern (C) 2017 Beautiful Crochet Stuff

This beach cover-up pattern would also work well as a tunic or a mini dress. Isn’t it gorgeous? Jane has done a lovely photo tutorial for this one, so although it looks complicated, you can also see photos and charts to help you with any tricky bits. It can also be made as a maxi dress if you’re feeling a bit more modest 🙂

Pattern info: 2mm (size 14) hook, 400g sport-weight (size 2, 5-ply, fine) yarn, US English, one size

Get the pattern here.

#5 Princess Seamist Cover-Up –  Kristin Omdahl

Princess Seamist Cover-Up (C) 2017  Kristin Omdahl

The detailing around the neck and the sleeves of this cover-up is gorgeous. The pattern is written to fit sizes 36 – 48, and there are a few diagrams along the way to help you out.

Pattern info: 5mm hook (size H/8), 452g-678g DK (8-ply, size, light) yarn, US English, multiple sizes

Check out the pattern here.

#6 Easy Does It! Beach Cover-Up – Purple Kitty

lc1244 (1)
Easy Does It! Beach Cover-Up (C) 2017 Purple Kitty

This is a lovely easy pattern that’s suitable for beginners. And it’s actually one of my favourites! It basically is a big oversized t-shirt which looks nice and airy, and low maintenance. I could just imagine it in bold stripes!

Pattern info: 3.75mm (size F/5) hook, 470g – 600g mercerized cotton thread (size 3), US English, multiple sizes

See the pattern here.

#7 Spring Lullaby – Drops Design

Spring Lullaby (C) 2017 Drops Design

Don’t let the name mislead you! I think this is perfect for a summer cover-up. I love the lacy stitches and the muted colourway of this cover-up. But it would also look great all in one colour, or in summer brights!

Pattern info: 3.5mm (size F/5) hook, 550g – 650g sport-weight (size 2, 5-ply, fine) yarn, multiple sizes

Pattern here

I hope you get the chance to check out these wonderful patterns. And keep an eye out for the next pattern round-up in the series!

Read more in this series: Crochet Bikini Tops, Crochet Beach Bags, Crochet Summer Dresses

Until then…



10 thoughts on “Free Summer Crochet Patterns to get the Season Started Right! Part 3: Beach Cover-Ups

  1. You’re very welcome 🙂 So do I! I’ll probably make it at some point. The thread they recommend has actually been discontinued, but a really good replacement would be Aunt Lydia’s crochet thread. It’s funny that it seems to be a pretty old pattern, but still very fashionable!


  2. I ❤ that poncho!! I'm just finishing up a beach cover for my daughter that I'm making up the design as I go but when I'm finished I might need to make that poncho!! Thanks for sharing these! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I will be doing a post when it’s done. I’m working on it more today. Since I’m totally winging the design I probably won’t have a written pattern – but I will detail the base method that I used to make it. It is a very easy method that you can use to create any kind of top. Hopefully I’ll finish it up this week! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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