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Free Summer Crochet Patterns to get the Season Started Right! Part 4: Summer Dresses

For the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing collections of free summer crochet patterns to help you prepare for the beginning of summer.

This week the collection is for crochet summer dresses. I’ve been including tips in each post in this series to help you find the right yarn for your project. This one, however, is pretty self-explanatory!

  • Cotton yarn is perfect for summer dresses because it is light and durable
  • A linen blend is also very strong and light, so would be another good choice
  • I personally wouldn’t choose acrylic or wool for this as you’ll simply be too warm!
  • If the pattern is working up a bit dense and isn’t gauge-specific, size up a hook to give you an airier fabric. Just be aware that this will also alter the size of the dress.

I know I’ve been harping on about cotton yarn, but it really is the best option for summer garments and accessories. I hope these tips are helpful, and enjoy the lovely free patterns I found for summer beach dresses!

#1 Enchanted Sun Dress – Maz Kwok

Enchanted Sundress (C) 2017 Maz Kwok

Maz Kwok has created a lovely design with her Enchanted Sundress. She designed it with relatively easy stitches, so it should be simple enough for even a beginner to have a good crack at. The pattern is free for size L, and is a tiny USD 2.99 for all other sizes.

Pattern info: 3mm (size D) hook, 500g Sport (5 ply, 2, fine) yarn, US English, Size S – 3XL

Check out the pattern here.

#2 Grace in Lace – Drops Designs

Grace in Lace (C) 2017 Drops Designs

This gorgeous mini dress from Drops Designs would be perfect for the beach. I love the mix of lacy and standard stitches. I would consider this to be an advanced design, and there are no photos. But there is a handy chart to help you along.

Pattern info: 3.5mm (size E) hook, 500g – 750g Sport (5 ply, 2, fine) yarn, British English, Sizes S – 3XL

Get the pattern here.

#3 White Summer Dress – Jutta Maria Guerth

White Summer Dress (C) 2017 Jutta Maria Guerth

If you’ve ever made a doily before, you can make this dress! This lovely designs is made by joining up multiple doilies. It would be time-consuming but the end result is very pretty.

Pattern info: 2.5 mm (size C) hook, 500g crochet thread (0, 2-ply, Lace) yarn, US English, Size M

Find the pattern here.

#4 Nori Dress – Lilla Björn Crochet

Nori Dress (C) 2017 Lilla Björn Crochet

I hope I haven’t scared you off with the difficulty of the previous two patterns! Here is another easy one to calm you down. Tatsiana rates this Nori dress pattern as beginner level and has made it in the lovely Scheepjes Whirl (more Whirl patterns). It’s also pretty easy to customise, you can simply make the dress shorter or longer as you wish.

Pattern info: 3.25mm (size D) hook, 450g fingering-weight (size 1, 4-ply, super fine) yarn, US English, Sizes S – 3XL

Get the pattern here.

#5 Morocco Dream – Drops Designs

Morocco Dream (C) 2017 Drops Designs

Sometimes on these hot summer days, you feel like you need a bit more protection from the sun while still keeping cool. This dress will help keep the sun off your shoulders and chest, while allowing your skin to breathe.

Pattern info: 3.5mm hook (size E/4), 750g-900g Sport (5 ply, 2, fine) yarn, British English, Sizes S – 3XL

Check out the pattern here.

#6 Dress with Flare – Red Heart Design

Dress with Flare (C) 2017 Red Heart Design

This intermediate-level dress by Linda K. Jefferies would look lovely over a slip, or over a crochet bikini. Although intermediate, the pattern uses mostly V stitches which are actually quite simple once you get the hang of them.

Pattern info: 4mm (size G/6) hook, 360g – 420g mercerized cotton thread (size 10), US English, Sizes S – 2XL

See the pattern here.

#7 Audrey Dress – Snakewood & Grace

Audrey Dress (C) 2017 Snakewood & Grace

Don’t you just love this adorable photo? And the dress is cute too! I think all granny square fans will be thrilled about this dress.

Pattern info: 4mm (size G/6) hook, 400g – 600g DK weight (size 3, 8-ply, light) yarn, US English, Size S

Pattern here

#8 Diamonds in the Sun – Drops Design

30-2 (1)
Diamonds in the Sun (C) 2017 Drops Design

I know, I know. It’s another pattern from Drops Designs. But I love their patterns, they are gorgeous. I couldn’t do this round-up without including this pretty summer dress. This is the simplest of the lovely-but-complex Drops patterns, but in saying that it’s still intermediate/advanced level.

Pattern info: 3mm (size D/3) hook, 450g – 700g Sport (5 ply, 2, fine) yarn, British English, Sizes XS – 2XL

Pattern here

I hope you get the chance to check out these wonderful patterns. And keep an eye out for the next pattern round-up in the series!

Read more in this series: Crochet Bikini Tops, Crochet Beach Bags, Crochet Beach Cover-Ups

Until then…



15 thoughts on “Free Summer Crochet Patterns to get the Season Started Right! Part 4: Summer Dresses

    1. Thanks Brenna! I actually find it tricky to make sure there is a good mix of easy and difficult patterns in these round-ups 😀 I love all the super pretty detailed stuff, but sometimes you don’t want to spend the next century on making a dress! I’m glad you like them 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. No problem at all! I spend a lot of time trawling the internet and Ravelry for cool patterns, so I thought I may as well share them! I love “Grace in Lace”, it’s my favourite. Buuuut the pattern is crazy difficult. So I’ve opted for making the lovely, but a bit easier “Diamonds in the Sun” 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Wow Katie these are all gorgeous – except the granny square one, I like it on the little girl but not so much on the woman. Maybe it’s the colors. But the rest of them I was already doing inventory in my head to see if I have yarns to make all of them. Then I started having thoughts of different variations of all of these styles and thinking if I could design something myself. I’m really going to struggle today with resisting the urge to start making a dress!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! I know the feeling! I like the Audrey dress, but I have a weird hang-up about granny squares… I must be one of the only crocheters out there that has never made, nor felt any inclination to make, a granny square 😀 one day I’ll get over it! But if you do make any of these dresses (or a variation) please do post photos! It would be so cool to see it!

      Liked by 1 person

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